Corrie Spoilers: Shock Death And Secrets – You Won’t Believe What Comes Next!

The Platt and Barlow families have been left in meltdown and the ensuing devastation saw Anna Windass tragically caught in the crossfire – but there is further drama ahead with revenge plots, shock exits and big secrets set to come out.1davidIn the wake of the devastating car crash, David is consumed with guilt over what happened to Anna – can he put things right and will he face punishment for what happened or can he be forgiven? Meanwhile, Clayton takes the stand in his murder trail to receive his verdict but will there be justice at last for Kylie?

Anna has been left badly injured after being consumed with flames following the explosion; as she pushes Kevin away, not wanting to be a burden, will she insist on dealing with the aftermath of what happened alone? Maria’s life is about to be turned upside down when she returns to find her flat in disarray, a sinister looking blood stain and Caz nowhere to be found. Is Caz dead – or is it all a plot to frame Maria? And will Maria be believed as she protests her innocence?

Christmas sees the welcome return of Toyah but don’t be fooled into thinking that she is back for a family gathering or because Leanne’s pregnant – she will come with her very own baggage. So what is it that she is hiding and what drama will be ahead for her and Leanne?

The Barlow family is expanding as Adam and Daniel return home in the wake of Ken’s stroke – but is either of them hiding the real reason for their returns? It’s no secret that Corrie are about to air the departure of Les Dennis’ character Michael – and that sinister Pat Phelan could be involved, there is probably heartbreak in store for Gail.

Burned Headless Torso Found In Lay-By – Man Charged With Murder

A 42-year-old man has been charged with murder in connection with the discovery of a badly burned headless corpse in a lay-by.1lineeMing Jiang, of Falconwood Way in Beswick, Manchester, is due to appear at Chesterfield Justice Centre on Monday.

A male torso, thought to have been contained in a suitcase, was found by a member of the public in a parking area off the A628 on the edge of the Peak District National Park on October 10.

Derbyshire Police said the identity of the victim, who was also missing limbs, will not be released until his family have been informed.

Hospital Staff Warned To Be On Alert After Attack On Woman

Staff and patients are being urged to take extra care after a woman was attacked during an attempted robbery in broad daylight outside Southampton General Hospital.1hosppThe incident happened around 2.30pm on Thursday October 20th. The victim, thought to be a nurse, was walking along Tremona Road near the Bursledon House Children’s Hospital Unit when she was approached from behind by a man.

The 32 year old was pulled to the ground and assaulted as the man tried to grab her handbag from her. She suffered injuries to her head and body.  A member of the public came to the woman’s aid, and the man fled down the footpath between Wordsworth House NHS building and the Ronald McDonald charity building.

No items were stolen during the incident. The offender is described as mixed race and aged between 25 and 40. He is approximately 6′ 2″ tall and of average build and was wearing blue jeans and a dark hooded top.

Two Men Mown Down As Speeding Scrambler Bike Runs Amok In City

Two men were hit by a scrambler bike after it mounted the pavement after speeding through Liverpool pulling wheelies and driving on the wrong side of the road.1scramblerThe bike rider – a 24-year-old man from Anfield who wasn’t wearing a helmet – suffered a fractured skull after hitting the men, who were standing at a bus stop near Aintree Racecourse this afternoon. One of the men, who was 56-years-old, suffered a cut to the head and was taken to hospital where he was treated for the injury. The other man, 54, didn’t need treatment.

The scrambler bike was being tracked by the police helicopter after first being spotted by officers speeding along Queens Drive towards the city , doing wheelies on the road and going through a number of red traffic lights. The bike raced through the city before driving against traffic on the wrong side of the road towards Aintree.

As the bike sped along Ormskirk Road it went through the traffic lights at the junction of Park Lane and mounted the pavement where it hit the two men. Witness Richard Fagan said: “We saw the police helicopter first and then scrambler bike coming down the middle of the road. He had a mask on with a skeleton on his face and shot through the lights. He was going really fast and didn’t care what he was doing.

“We had just walked past two men at the bus stop, who we think were at the races as they seemed to be counting money and then about 10 seconds later it happened. It could have been us who were hit. We left before the last race as my son wanted to go, so it was lucky most people were still inside the race course.”

Corrie Character Burned ALIVE As David Platt’s Revenge Goes Horrifically Wrong

David Platt’s revenge ended in a horrifying ordeal for one character in Coronation Street as she was engulfed in a fireball.1davidCafe worker Anna Windass – played by actress Debbie Rush – was left screaming as her legs burned in terrifying scenes which aired before the watershed. The awful incident came just hours after a deliriously happy Anna agreed to move in with boyfriend Kevin and take their relationship to the next level.

But all that was undone by David Platt’s revenge murder fantasy as he covered himself and his car in petrol to stop his family from stopping him. But in an awful twist, David’s daughter Lily slipped out of Fiz’s care and went wandering into the street just as David drove off. As he careered down the cobbles, lighter still in hand, his speed picked up and he spotted Lily too late to stop.

Desperately swerving to avoid his daughter, David flipped the car, and with Gary Windass running into the road to try to save Lily, he hit both of them and became trapped under the car. It took the collective effort of all the street’s residents to lift the car so Anna could reach in and drag Lily and Gary to safety. David looked on in horror at the destruction he’d caused but it had yet to end.1kate1After she managed to get Gary out just in time, the car exploded and Anna was knocked over. But as she got up, a fireball erupted and flew at her, engulfing her in flames. The cobbles favourite stood with her legs on fire screaming as the others tried to put the flames out and save her. Later, an unconscious Anna was rushed to hospital and the Platts closed ranks in order to protect David from the consequences.

BREAKING: Jewellery Heist In Shopping Centre – Shop Held Up With AK47s – Explosions

Three men armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles have robbed a jewellery shop.breakingThe attack is causing panic and evacuations in Cora Mall Shopping in the Belgian town of Châtelineau in Hainaut province.

Local media report that two explosions were heard.

More follows…

The Voice Reveals New Shock Blind Auditions Twist – And It’s One Cruel Gamechanger

The Blind Auditions have started for the new series of The Voice but things are going to be different this time around.coiveIn addition to a new TV station and new judges, it appears the format of the show will change slightly. Host Emma Willis has revealed a game-changing twist for the Blind Auditions. She’s revealed that only coaches who press their buttons will get to see the contestants.

“So only the people who press the button get to see who it is, so if no one turns, no one sees who sung,” she told Digital Spy. In previous seasons, all four coaches got the chance to meet and interact with a contestant, regardless of if they wanted them on their team.

This means there will be singers who won’t get to meet the superstar judges at all. The twist is currently used in versions of The Voice around the world but will be a series first for the UK. The latest series began filming in Manchester earlier this week.

Taking a seat in the big red chairs this season are Will.I.Am, Tom Jones and newcomers Jennifer Hudson and Gavin Rossdale. Emma Willis is returning as host while Cel Spellman will front a The Voice spin-off that will stream online and on social media.

EastEnders Legend Tipped For Bombshell Ending With Possible Shock Death Planned

An EastEnders legend might be leaving the soap – well, according to viewers.1dotIn tonight’s episode Dot Cotton had a run in with Kim Fox-Hubbard, into whom she recently crashed her car. Kim was furious that Dot refused to believe that it was her fault, ranting: “You call yourself a woman of God? Do me a favour!”

Earlier on in the show Honey Mitchell had revealed that Dot tried to give her a £10 note thinking it was £20. These worrying signs were made even worse at the end of the show when Dot was seen looking sad and lonely when she was home alone.

The sad scenes have lead some fans to believe that Dot could be leaving the show after nearly 30 years. “Is Dot on her last legs or something?” one tweeted. “This storyline with Dot is breaking my heart,” another posted. “Why do I feel after each episode of EastEnders they’re closer to killing Dot off?” a third wrote.

Dot joined the show in 1985 and his become a soap icon for her explosive plots, chain smoking and compulsive gossiping. She recently got the sack from the laundrette, where she has worked since the show begun.

Father Turns House Into “Gas Chamber” & Kills Wife, Autistic Twins, Dog & Himself In Murder-Suicide

A father is suspected to turning his house into a ‘gas chamber’ to kill his wife and their severely autistic twins in a suspected murder-suicide.12345678Neighbours knew high-flying engineer Fernando Manrique as a friendly face and loving father. But behind the facade – and chats to other parents down the local park – he is now believed been plotting in secret to kill his family in a macabre fashion.  Police were yesterday working inside the family home he built in Davidson, Australia, 11 years ago – trying to dismantle a network of hidden pipes Manrique used to gas his family.

A police source described it as an “extensive, elaborate and well planned” operation.  Detectives are also investigating the source of the poison they have discovered inside gas canisters found at the home in New South Wales. Maria Claudia Lutz, 43, was found dead in one room with their daughter Elissa, 11, while their son Martin, 10, was found in another room alone.

Both children were severely autistic – and the mother is said to have been fiercely protective of them. The body of 44-year-old Manrique was found alone in a separate room. The family’s German Shepherd dog was also found lying dead. Post-mortems are yet to take place but they are all thought to have inhaled the gas.

Police are understood to believe that Manrique acted alone but haven’t ruled out the possibility of a murder-suicide pact with his wife.  Australian website reported that the couple had been on the verge of a divorce before they died.



Girl, 12, Dies After Climbing Onto Ledge To Take “Extreme Selfie” 17 Floors Up

A girl fell to her death after climbing over a ledge on the 17th floor of a block of flats to take an ‘extreme selfie’.1dljThe 12-year-old – known only as Oksana B – sent the photograph to her best friend moments before she died.  According to reports, her pal noticed the picture had been taken in a particularly dangerous spot and tried to call Oksana. When she could not reach her, she sent the picture to Oksana’s mother.

But her friend had already fallen and her body was found by passers-by who raised the alarm. Police believe Oksana lost her balance while sitting on the handrail of the balcony and fell. The tragedy happened in the city of Perm, central Russia, about 900 miles east of Moscow.

Moments before her death, Oksana had written a note to her friend – who has not been named – on the Russian social networking site Vkontakte, telling her how great she was and how special their friendship was.

Wanting to send her pal a picture, she told her mother she was going for a walk and went up to the top floor of her block of flats where she took the selfie standing over the railing of the rooftop balcony, it was reported. Police are investigating the death.