25 Hospitalised After British Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing

A British Airways A380 aircraft on its way from San Francisco to London made an emergency landing in Vancouver.1baFlight BA286, carrying about 400 passengers, was surrounded by emergency vehicles shortly after it touched down at Vancouver International Airport around 11:30 pm local time. Initial reports blamed the illnesses on smoke inhalation, but officials have yet to confirm this. It appears all of those hospitalised were cabin crew.

“The flight from San Francisco diverted to Vancouver after members of the cabin crew became unwell,” said British Airways spokeswoman Michelle Kropf in New York. “We are investigating the cause of the problem.”

After the plane landed, paramedics came on board and checked out the crew and eventually all the passengers were unloaded. Passenger Steve Lowy told CBC News about two hours into the flight the crews started quickly clearing away dinner. “They suddenly cleared the trays away, and said that we were going to do a landing in Calgary due to the fact that there was a technical issue with the plane and a number of the cabin staff weren’t feeling well.”

Then the pilot announced because the plane was an A380 — the largest commercial passenger jet in the world — it would be diverted to Vancouver instead, he said. “We just sat there in silence, being very British,” he said.