45-Year-Old Woman Killed Saving Her Grandchildren From A Sex Offender

A 45-year-old woman has lost her fight for life after being stabbed in the chest while protecting her two grandchildren from a sex offender.1womanCandy Arthurs from Columbus Ohio approached an individual who she heard was trying to lure children – including her grandson and granddaughter – into an alley in her neighbourhood.

After confronting 29-year-old Kristopher Amos – who had convinced Candy’s grandchildren to help him search for a missing drone – Candy was stabbed. She spent over a month in hospital, before losing her fight for life yesterday. Kristopher Amos has been charged with murder.

Candy’s seven-year-old grandson was stabbed in the shoulder while her eight-year-old granddaughter escaped the altercation unharmed. Candy’s daughter, Amanda, told reporters: “My son was covered in blood. My mom plopped down by the door. She said ‘Call 911.’ She was covered in blood.”

Amanda paid tribute to her mother’s bravery, saying: “She’s a hero. She saved my seven-year-old son but lost her life in the process. She deserves to be put at rest, and be at peace.”