Abducted Woman Rings Husband From Car Boot – But Is Found Dead

An abducted woman who managed to call her husband from the boot of her car was found dead after police tracked her mobile phone signal.1kidnapRita Maze, 47, was driving home from visiting relatives on Tuesday evening when she pulled over at a rural lay-by in central Montana, US, when she was attacked. She was hit in the head and locked in her car boot, but managed to use her mobile phone to call her husband and report the abduction.

Lewis and Clarke County were informed and immediately launched a missing persons enquiry. County Sheriff, Leo Dutton, said: “She’s saying she’s kidnapped. She was at a rest stop and a suspect approached her and hit her in the head and put her in the trunk.”

Mrs Maze stayed on the phone to speak to her husband and a Helena police officer as her mobile signal faded in and out. Using mobile phone towers, Spokane County Sheriff’s department were able to narrow down Mrs Maze’s location to a car park. Her body was found inside the vehicle a few hours later.

Sheriff Dutton said: “There were phone conversations with her from this office, from the Helena Police Department just prior to her death. We’re relatively certain of the time when she became deceased.” No cause of death was released, but Lewis and Clarke County said they have “a person of interest” and suspect it was a random attack.