Actress Dies From Cancer At 26 After Choosing Acupuncture & Cupping Over Chemotherapy

A young actress has lost her battle with cancer after choosing Chinese medicine over chemotherapy.actreXu Ting was just 26 years old when she lost her battle with advanced lymphoma earlier this month. Xu, who announced her illness in July through China’s popular social media site Weibo, told her 300,000 followers that she opted out of chemotherapy because she wanted to “live every day happily.”

She feared the treatment would cause her too much pain or even quicken her death, adding in the post: “I don’t want chemotherapy to torture me until I have no beauty or talent left in me.” Instead, Xu turned to traditional Chinese medicine, and in particular a “healing master” who promised to oversee her daily sessions, including cupping and scraping therapy, as well as acupuncture and bloodletting.

But her death has now sparked a furious debate online, with many saying she would have survived if she had turned to chemotherapy earlier, with the hashatg #XuTing’sDeathAndChineseMedicine trending on Sina Weibo.

In photos shared on Xu’s account before her death, she shared the horrifying injuries cause by the treatment, which left her back riddled with circular bruises and her neck lined with marks from scraping – often done with plastic or metal spoon-like instruments. However, none of the procedures produced the desired results and Xu grew weaker by the day, until she passed away on 7th September.