“Attention Seeking” – Katie Price Slammed For Posting THIS Picture

Katie Price is on the receiving end of some social media backlash after she shared a picture of herself with her son Harvey on Instagram.

Taking to Instagram, Katie posted the picture with the caption: “Love my Harvey.” While most of the comments were praising the mum-of-five, it appears some people had issue with the picture which led to Katie later posting a video of Harvey addressing the issue.

“Harvey, what do you want to say to people when mummy kisses you?,” she asked after the negative comments. “Leave my mummy alone, I want to kiss my mummy,” is the response he gave in the video captioned “Harvey hits back”.1kissHowever, it is not the content of the picture that caused the backlash more so the intention behind it. Last month, Victoria Beckham faced some controversy after sharing a picture of her kissing her daughter Harper for her birthday. The Instagram post received some vile comments and started a huge online debate.

“Sick of seeing these videos of you making him say stuff. Leave him be,” said one Instagram user. “Stop using Harvey to get your message across, he’s a child not some pawn to use to get attention.”