Baby Dies After Babysitter Gives Him Adult Dose Of Antihistamine By Accident

A baby boy died after his babysitter made a fatal mistake.abelAccording to reports, the babysitter told police that eight-month-old Haddix James Mulkey had been ‘fussy’ on the day he died. She proceeded to give him the adult dose – two tablets – of the antihistamine Benadryl to send him off to sleep.

Shortly after, when she went to check on him, the babysitter found Haddix unresponsive. She claims she ran outside and alerted a neighbour, who called an ambulance. Little Haddix was rushed to a nearby hospital but, tragically, he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The babysitter, who was unlicensed and reportedly minding eight children on the day of the tragedy, was later charged with child endangerment and murder.

Haddix’s mum Katie wants to warn other parents about the dangers of misusing over-the-counter medications: “This is a common practice, that people think it’s okay to give your babies medicine to help them sleep … I will always have a broken heart because a piece of me is gone.”