Big Brother: Shocking Reason Andrew Tate Removed REVEALED

Andrew Tate was removed from the Big Brother house yesterday after Channel 5 said “information had come to light.”rivernBut now the four-time world champion kick boxer has claimed he was kicked out due to his ‘new master plan’. It is thought that the “information” that contributed to C5’s decision is a video from 2012 in which he appears to hit a girl with a belt in an act of sexual violence and now obtained by The Sun newspaper.

However, Andrew Tate claims C5 are just using this as an excuse, and that the real reason is: “Everyone reads 50 shades no one cares they kicked me because I told my new plan to big brother they said it’s too clever and dangerous.

“Video is from 2012 and they cut all the laughing out lol. She didn’t sell it. I’m still great friends with her we will release a new vid :). They edited a video of me to make me look bad when I’m not. they’re afraid of my MASTERPLAN. Simple. #andrewbbuk.”

C5 continue to refute that, saying: “Channel 5 and Big Brother have become aware that Andrew Tate has posted a statement on Facebook about the circumstances of his departure from the Big Brother House. What Andrew says in that statement is completely false. Andrew was not removed because of his actions inside the House.”