Big Brother: Two Housemates Walk Out After Fellow Housemate Quits Show

Is the Channel 5 reality show in crisis as housemates drop like flies?drivelBig Brother stars Chelsea Singh and Marco Pierre White Jr have left the house. The pair were left incredibly irritated after Andrew Tate – one of The Others – arrived and told the contestants that they were all snakes to each other.

Chelsea and Marco decided to walk out. On Day Five in the house, the latter had clearly had enough of the drama and told his pal that he was going to quit the show. “I’m going to go tonight,” Marco confessed. “I told you that I would leave.”

Perhaps feeling the same way, Chelsea responded by revealing that he was going to follow in his footsteps. “I’m coming with you,” he said. “My suitcase is already packed. Let’s go to Miami on my private jet. This is over, man. Listen, I’m not f**king around. We are going now.”

Marco was visibly delighted with his pal’s response and opted to react by banging on one of the house’s doors until a lock appeared to break. The pair then dramatically left – just moments after Victoria Jenson dramatically quit the show. Have they gone for good?