Big Brother’s Most Shocking Villain Set To Spice Up 20-Year Anniversary Special

1nickThe new series of Big Brother – set to be screened in January – will mark the 20th appearance of the reality TV show. Producers are bringing back a string of former favourites for the milestone – and will reunite several of the house’s most controversial stars.

Big Brother’s most notorious ­villain, “Nasty Nick” Bateman, is set to return as part of an all-star celebrity lineup. Nick, 49, became a national hate figure when he appeared on the first ever series of the show in 2000 report the Sunday People. He was the only contestant not to be nominated for eviction – after lying to housemates about having lost his wife in a car crash while building a reputation for being “genuine”.

He was eventually booted out after five weeks thanks to his underhand tactics and rule-breaking. Despite a ban on discussing nominations, he tried to encourage other contestants to change their votes. And a pen and paper – also against the rules – was later found in his belongings. He had used it to pass secret notes.

The antics earned him the nickname Nasty Nick – and when he left the Big Brother house he even published a book called How To Be A Right B*****d. A source on the Channel 5 show said: “The line-up for All Star Big Brother is already looking great. Obviously bosses hope Nick will return to his underhand tactics and cause controversy all over again.”