“Bomb” Detonated At Major London Station Turns Out To Be Packet Of Haribo

London was temporarily on lockdown as police rushed to carry out a controlled explosion near to Moorgate station.

The station on the Northern line – was not evacuated with police rushing to a nearby address. Areas near to the station were taped off as commuters and tourists were told to stand well back while bomb experts attempted to tackle the package.

Sniffer dogs and bomb squad officers were also called to the package which was discovered in Coleman Street. A police robot was called to to attend the site and detonated the suspicious package.haribOnce it was found and destroyed the package was revealed to be a box full of sweets. One by-stander Hilary Townsend jokingly tweeted: “Suspect package #Moorgate, controlled explosion, Sausages & Haribo left all over the pavement… Who missed lunch?”.