Boy, 16, Gunned Down At “Point Blank Range” – Fighting For Life After Horror Shooting

A teen is fighting for his life in hospital after being gunned down at “point-blank range” and left in an alleyway to die in a horrific early morning attack.1offlEyewitnesses said the youngster was blasted in the chest after he was ambushed by a gunman in a white saloon car in Leyton, east London. The teenager tried to hide behind bins and sprinted off down an alleyway before he was shot at roughly 3am on Sunday. He had been cornered as he tried to climb over a locked gate.

Eyewitnesses have said the teenager was with at least one friend at the time, and screamed “I’m going to die” as paramedics who had rushed to the scene helped him. A local minicab employee said: “He looked so young.  This kid was trying desperately to get out through this gate but it was locked. The shooter was very calm and took his time to get away, he was in no hurry. The boy had no chance.

“He was trapped. Somehow probably though adrenaline the kid got up and sprinted across the road to a 24-hour off-licence to get help. He collapsed and his friend started pushing on his chest as they waited for an ambulance. He was screaming ‘I’m going to die take me to hospital now’ at ambulance crews as they were cutting his clothes off.”

The teenager is still in an east London hospital where his condition is described as being critical. Detectives from Waltham Forest and the Met’s Trident unit are investigating.