Boy, 8 Tries To Kill Himself, Telling Mum: “Being Asleep Is Easier Than Being Awake”

Lindsey Morgan caught her eight-year-old son just before he did something tragic.kidShe found her eight-year-old son Rex climbing onto the ledge of his bedroom window because he wanted to end his life. “Being asleep is easier than being awake,” little Rex told her, explaining that he wanted to “escape his worries.”

Rex, who has high-functioning autism , struggles to deal with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and finds being in a classroom especially difficult. Now aged nine, the youngster has almost entirely dropped out of school, as mum Lindsey, from Farnborough, Hampshire, claims the system is failing her son.

In 2013 Rex was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Lindsey hoped it would be the start of getting him the help he needed. But in October last year that she was faced with a shocking scene as her little boy stood on his own windowsill, preparing to take his own life.

Rex explained that he didn’t actually want to die but that he just wanted to get away from his anxieties. Although the school is supportive, the LEA has denied Rex an Education, Health Care (EHC) plan and Lindsey says she worries every day about what her son might do next.