BREAKING: Airport On Lockdown After Shooting – At Least One Dead

1crimeOne person was shot and killed at Will Rogers Airport (OKC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the suspect is still on the loose, police say. All flights out of the airport have been halted, and the inbound flights diverted.

Shots were fired in the parking lot area of the airport. One shooting victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition, local media reported quoting a police spokesman. The police have just confirmed the death of the first victim.

The airport said the shooting took place in the parking area outside the terminal. A FBI SWAT team was reported on the scene, and a bomb squad was called to examine a vehicle belonging to the possible suspect. Flights to OKC are diverting to other airports or turning back and the airport remains on lockdown as the search for the suspect continues.

According to one KFOR reporter on the scene, police have discovered a “sniper’s nest” in the airport’s parking garage.