Breaking Bad Fan Found Guilty Of Killing Police Officer & Trying To Eat His Flesh

1badA man has been found guilty of murdering PC Gordon Semple and dismembering his body after the pair met on gay dating app Grindr. Stefano Brizzi, 50, throttled Mr Semple and then disposed of his body in a variety of ways including dumping it in an acid bath.

Police believe Brizzi had not just been trying to dissolve the body, but had been cooking it, and even trying to eat it. Detectives found pieces of the PC’s flesh floating in chemicals in the bath. A leg had been placed in a roasting tin in the oven and DNA traces were found on the grease in the cooker, in a blender and on a set of chopsticks.

Police were called to investigate after neighbours complained of a “revolting smell” in Brizzi’s flat. Italian-born Brizzi claimed the police officer had “begged” him to be tied up and choked. He told the jury his death had been an accident, and that Mr Semple had slipped and snapped his neck. But a pathologist said a tiny fracture to a bone in the PC’s neck indicated he had been strangled.

Brizzi admitted his plan was “inspired” by the US TV series Breaking Bad, which featured crystal meth users and a body being dissolved in acid. When he was arrested, he told police Satan had told him to kill Mr Semple. Brizzi will be sentenced at a later date.