BREAKING: Jet Plane Crashes In Netherlands After Mid-Air Collision

A fighter jet flying an aerobatic routine with the Swiss equivalent of the Red Arrows has crashed in the Netherlands after an apparent mid-air collision.planeThe Swiss F-5 aircraft crashed near the Leeuwarden Dutch air base in the north of the country during an aerobatic routine. Photos posted on Twitter appeared to show a section missing from the horizontal stabiliser at the back of the plane, but the cause of the crash has not been confirmed.

The jet was flying in a close V-formation shortly before the incident, leading to speculation that the damage could have been inflicted by a collision with another of the high-speed jets.

The pilot was unhurt after ejecting from the jet, which had been performing as part of an aerobatics team similar to the British Red Arrows. The Patrouille Suisse is an aerobatic team piloted by the Swiss Air Force. The team flies six Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighter jets.