BREAKING: London Bridge on lockdown again following terrorist attack

London Bridge is on lockdown again just days after the terror attack that left seven dead.

People who lived and worked around Southwark Street had been allowed to re-enter their homes and businesses in the wake of Saturday night’s atrocities.

But this lunchtime they were told to evacuate the buildings, with many on Twitter claiming they had been told not to return tomorrow.

Jules Mattsson tweeted: “People inside outer cordon at London Bridge, who live or work there etc, currently being evacuated (calmly), told no idea when can go back.

“Police officer described it as being ‘on lockdown now’, was open to those who could prove work/residence between outer and inner cordon.”

Another witness, Paul McNamara said: “Office workers who were allowed inside #londonattack cordon this morning are now being evacuated. Police are not saying why at present.”

It comes as police revealed the identity of the third man involved in the attack – 22-year-old Moroccan-Italian Youssef Zaghba.

And the final Whatsapp message of fellow sicko Khuram Butt has been revealed.

Police are continuing to investigate whether Zaghba, Butt and third terrorist Rachid Redouane had links with any other terror cells.