BREAKING: Mass Shooting At Nightclub – Hostages Seized By Gunman, People Told To “Keep Running”

A gunman has shot around 20 people and taken others hostage after opening fire at a gay nightclub, according to reports.pulseAs the attackers struck the Orlando bar put out a Facebook post saying: “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running.” Orlando Police have confirmed multiple injuries and warned residents to stay away from the area, describing the situation as “an active shooting”.

Local reporter Stewart Moore of WESH Orlando said that the gunman had barricaded himself inside the club and was thought to be either carrying or wearing a bomb.

Ricardo Negron, who was in the club when the shooting began, told Sky News: “At around 2am someone started shooting. People just dropped on the floor. I guess the shooter was shooting at the ceiling because you could see all the glass from the lamps falling.

“There was a brief pause in the shooting and some of us just got up and ran out the back.” He said he heard “non-stop firing” which probably lasted less than a minute but felt like a lot longer and added: “People have definitely been injured – or worse.”