BREAKING: Missing EgyptAir Plane Wreckage FOUND

A ship searching for the wreckage of the missing EgyptAir jet has identified several main locations of the wreckage in the Mediterranean Sea.egyptThe Egyptian investigation committee confirmed the find after the deep ocean search vessel John Lethbridge has provided the first images of wreckage to investigators. The search team on board the ship, contracted by the Egyptian government, will now draw a map of the wreckage’s distribution spots.

Flight MS804 plunged into the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board after taking off from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on route to Cairo on May 19. Investigators are now examining photographs taken of the wreckage from the seabed.

It is not yet known what caused the crash but investigators desperately searching for the black boxes hope the flight recorders will provide the answer.  Egypt’s aviation minister initially said the plane may have been brought down by a terror attack, but a technical failure was also likely.