BREAKING: Police Woman Stabbed In Throat At Police Station – Area In Lockdown

A police woman has been stabbed in the throat at a police station.lockdownThe woman, who has not been named, was attacked at lunchtime on Tuesday in the Rempart Saint-Etienne area of Toulouse in France.

A man, reported to be of Algerian origin, tried to grab the officer’s gun and it is understood that when he failed, he pulled out a knife, repeatedly stabbing her in the throat. The woman is in a serious condition and the area around the police station is in lockdown.

French media are reporting that a 31-year-old man of Algerian origin has been arrested. It is claimed the man entered the station under the pretence of making a complaint, but the motive behind the attack is unclear.

France has been on high alert after Islamic State terror attacks since January 2015.