BREAKING: Supermarket Gun Horror – Gunman In His 70s Opens Fire, Several Critical

Two people have been injured in a shooting in a supermarket with with the shooter now involved in a stand off with police.breakingThe suspect, reportedly a man in his 70s, is currently holed up in an apartment in Paris surrounded by elite police officers. It is understood the shooting occurred in a supermarket parking lot in Port-Marly, in Yvelines, west of Paris on Monday afternoon.

According to The Local, the suspect, who was a regular at the supermarket, pulled up in a car at the supermarket before opening fire on a female cashier, aged 57. He then reportedly targeted a 73-year-old man before fleeing the scene.

French media has reported that the suspect is known to police for acts of violence with police finding a rifle in his car.  The injuries of the two people shot are unknown but it has been reported that they were seriously wounded. It is understood that the victims were rushed to the nearest hospital.

More follows…