BREAKING “The Voice” Star Killed In Shooting At Concert – Killer Commits Suicide

A singer has been shot dead at her concert in Orlando, Florida.grimmieChristina Grimmie, 22, the former YouTube star who rose to fame on ‘The Voice’, was performing the show at The Plaza Live concert venue with her pop-punk band Before You Exit when the shooting happened. She was earlier reported in critical condition, before her representative confirmed the bad news online.

The unidentified gunman, whose motive remains unclear, reportedly managed to fire off five bullets before he was tackled by the singer’s 22-year-old brother. The shooter took his own life at the scene.  Orlando police officials said at a conference the singer was shot around 10:45pm on Friday. According to the statement, the shooter had two guns in his possession. No further information was provided.

Witnesss Josh Call, said he saw Grimmie’s body on the ground, with blood streaming from her head. He added that a man was also lying in a pool of blood, his face “completely disfigured.”“I don’t think anyone expected something like this to happen. It was horrifying,” he said.