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Police shoot man dead through car window then drag him out of car near M5 in Bristol

Police have swooped on a major road as terrified witnesses claim a motorist was blasted “ten times” by cops before being dragged on to the carriageway.

Witnesses have reported hearing “loud bangs” and “gunfire” coming from the busy road.

A man was reportedly chased off the motorway by cops before being shot through the window, Bristol Post reports.

One witness claimed a man was pinned in by three unmarked cars and armed cops surrounding an old red Vauxhall Corsa.

David Ellison has told BBC Radio Bristol: “As I came out of Portishead … police were ahead of me.

“They surrounded [a car]. They shot maybe five, six or ten times. Then they dragged a man from the car to resuscitate him.

“It came off the roundabout towards Portishead and then was boxed in by cars. They shot through the passenger window.

“There were one or two marked cars and two more unmarked vehicles.

“I would say it was a 20-year-old red Corsa – or something like that. It was quite small. It was very faded.”

Posting on the Facebook page Hello Portishead Mark De Lancey said: “I got up on the roundabout as the police were smashing the guys window and dragging him out. God knows what was happening.”

Kerrie Rees posted: “I heard something like firecrackers about 45 minutes ago. I did wonder if it was gun fire but though surely not in Portishead.”

BBC Bristol tweeted: “Eyewitness to M5 incident nr Gordano tells @johndarvall that @ASPolice officers fired several shots through passenger window of a car…”

Horror as teenage girl dies after being struck by train in West Midlands

A teenage girl has been killed after she was struck by a train in Walsall on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old is believed to be from the local area and was hit by a train at Wallows Lane foot crossing, near to the Bescot Stadium.

British Transport Police officers attended the scene alongside West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics.

However, the girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

Enquiries are now being made by officers to understand what happened in the moments leading up to the death.

The death is being treated as unexplained.

DCI Paul Langley from British Transport Police said: “First and foremost, our thoughts are with ther girl’s family as they begin to process this awful news.

“We have specially trained family liaison officers deployed to the family who are supporting them at this stage.

“Although we are in the early stages of our enquiry at this stage this incident appears to be a very tragic accident.

“What we know so far is that the young girl was crossing the tracks after a freight train went by.

“Very sadly, it seems another train was approaching from the opposition direction and struck her.

“OUr enquiries, of course, continue to ensure we fully understand what happened.

BREAKING: Panic As Shots Fired In Bristol – Police Surround Car Near M5

Several shots have been fired in Bristol.  The incident happened near Portishead.  Police are surrounding a car near the M5 motorway after the incident.  It is not yet known if there are any casualties.  Witnesses report heavy police presence in the area and the M5 has been closed to all traffic.

Witness David Ellison told the BBC: “As I came out of Portishead … police were ahead of me. They surrounded [a car]. They shot maybe five, six or ten times. Then they dragged a man from the car to resuscitate him. It came off the roundabout towards Portishead and then was boxed in by cars.

“They shot through the passenger window. There were one or two marked cars and two more unmarked vehicles. I would say it was a 20-year-old red Corsa – or something like that. It was quite small. It was very faded.”  MORE FOLLOWS…

The new Scottish £10 note is NOT legal tender in England

Last week Clydesdale Bank issued the first plastic Scottish £10 note, featuring the poet Robert Burns on the reverse, with RBS set to release its own next week and Bank of Scotland rounding off the set on October 10.

But fans of polymer banknotes might have a problem north of Hadrian’s wall, as not only are the new English banknotes not legal tender in Scotland – it turns out even the new Scottish banknotes aren’t either. In fact, there are absolutely no banknotes AT ALL in Scotland that qualify as legal tender.

Yes. A strange quirk of the British legal system means that in Scotland neither English nor Scottish notes – of any denomination – qualify as legal tender.

“HM Treasury is responsible for defining which notes have ‘legal tender’ status within the United Kingdom,” explains the Committee of Scottish Bankers .

“Scottish Bank notes are not Legal Tender, not even in Scotland. In fact, no banknote whatsoever (including Bank of England notes!) qualifies for the term ‘legal tender’ north of the border.”

But legal tender isn’t quite the same thing as illegal.

“Scottish Banknotes are legal currency – i.e. they are approved by the UK Parliament,” CSCB adds.

The Bank of England points out that – while not legal tender – there are seven banks in Scotland and Northern Ireland authorised to issue notes that are widely used.

“These notes make up the majority of banknotes in Scotland and Northern Ireland and legislation is in place to ensure that noteholders have a similar level of protection as they would for Bank of England notes,” The Bank explains.

UK politician accused Prince Philip of cheating on The Queen

A Labour MP last night went on a rant about the Royal Family mocking Prince Harry’s Army career and accusing Prince Philip of cheating on the Queen.

Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad abused the senior Royals at a fringe meeting at Labour’s party conference in Brighton.

She wrongly claimed Prince Harry was not qualified to fly Apache helicopters – despite him deployed as a gunner to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The astonishing rant – which saw the MP declare herself the Royal Family’s ‘worst nightmare’ – won applause from Labour delegates at the anti-monarchy meeting.

She said: ‘Harry can’t actually fly a helicopter so they had to make him co-pilot.

‘So he just sits there going ‘vroom vroom’.’

The prince served in the Army for a decade, rising to the rank of Captain. He served on two tours of Afghanistan.

He was a qualified pilot of Apache helicopters and served as the gunner – meaning he was able to operate the helicopter’s weapons as well as flying the craft himself.

Ms Dent Coad said that Harry and William are ‘not very bright’, adding: ‘Just let them drift away, be playboys or whatever.’

And in a further assault on the Royal Family the MP accused Prince Philip – who is retiring from public duties after decades of support for the Queen – of being unfaithful.

Ms Dent Coad said:’The Queen might want to step back when her (cough, cough) soulmate is gone.’

She added in an aside: ‘He’s been quite unfaithful for quite a few years.’

Man bit and beat toddler so badly his mother didn’t recognise him

A woman has been jailed after she tricked a man into thinking he was the father of a baby that he then bit and battered.

The baby was so badly treated at the hands of Nicholas Lessiter that when he was returned to his real mother he was ‘unrecognisable’.

Lessiter had been tricked by girlfriend Rebecca Barnes who also convinced her own mother that the baby was hers.

In fact, the 20-month-old belonged to a friend of hers and she had agreed to look after him because the real mother was struggling as a single mum.

He had injuries so bad to the back of his throat that it would have caused his breathing to have been hindered, Mold Crown Court was told.

While in their care the boy suffered from a broken collar bone, bruising across his body, bitemarks to his right shoulder, bitemarks on his right elbow, injuries to his mouth and injuries to the back of his throat.

The child’s real mother told the court: ‘My decision to leave him in her care was the worst decision of my life. I deeply regret it.It will haunt me for the rest of my life.

‘When my son needed me most I could not be there to cuddle and comfort him.’

After the abuse she was only allowed to see her son three times a week, supervised. However he was eventually returned and she said that day was ‘the best day of my life’.

Lessiter had initially been charged with orally raping the child, but the charges were later dropped.

Judge Niclas Parry said: ‘His face was so swollen that he did not look like her little boy.’

Turning to Barnes, he added: ‘You took that child into your home when you knew that Lessiter would be present, a man you know was capable of using extreme violence upon you, kicking and biting you. You left that child in his care.’

BREAKING: Armed police swoop on London street with multiple police vans at scene

Armed officers have reportedly swooped on a street in one of London’s most wealthy areas.

Officers arrived in Holland Park Avenue, in Kensington and Chelsea in seven police vans and an armed cop reportedly pointed his gun at a man in the road.

A witness tweeted: “Wtf, armed police vans and a policeman pointing a gun at someone in the middle of Holland Park Avenue.”

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed there are cops in the wealthy London road.

More to follow…

Shock as X Factor contestant kicked off show after taking drugs during filming

The X Factor hopeful Anthony Russell has been kicked off the show after allegedly admitting to taking drugs during filming of the ITV competition.

Anthony was a fan favourite, who won over the judges after turning up to the auditions with a black eye and revealing that he had been beaten up by a gang of thugs after a recent gig in Liverpool.

An X Factor spokeswoman said: ‘Earlier this month, due to personal reasons, Anthony withdrew from the show. We are sad to see him go and wish him all the best for the future.’

However it has now been claimed that Anthony, 27, was in fact thrown off the show after the production team were alarmed by his ‘erratic behaviour’.

‘Contestants are closely monitored by the production team. They were alarmed by how erratic he was during filming and decided to confront him,’ a source close to the show told The Sun.

‘He admitted he was a drug user and a decision was quickly taken to remove him.’

BREAKING: Top US rapper gunned down in broad daylight in Hollywood

TOP rap artist Young Dolph has suffered multiple injuries after he was shot multiple times in a Hollywood street.

The rapper was just outside the famous Shoe Palace in Hollywood when he was hit.Emergency services were nearby and responded immediately.No arrests have yet been made and it is unclear how many people opened fire.

The condition of the Chicago-born rapper, 32, is unclear at this stage.His last album Bulletproof reached 36 in the US Billboard charts and the musician has been widely tipped for worldwide fame.

Local newsreader Stephanie Stanton said: “Hollywood shooting victim-Rap Artist Young Dolph suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Taken to area hospital.”

And LAPD officers confirmed a shooting had taken place outside The Shoe Palace.

It is not the first time he has been targeted by gunmen, though.He escaped injury when his 4×4 was sprayed with more than 100 bullets in Charlotte, North Carolina, in March.

More to follow…

Horror as woman on glamping holiday suffers burns and ends up in intensive care

A young woman is in critical care after being pulled from a ‘glamping pod’ that caught fire while she was inside.

Lydia Wadsworth suffered burns to her right arm and a ‘severely’ damaged respiratory system.

She is unable to speak after a ventilation box was fitted, her mum says.

The 20-year-old had been ‘glamping’ with her boyfriend Rob McDonnell, 24, when they became trapped by flames in the £100-a-night pod.

The pair were rescued by witnesses before fire crews arrived at the scene and extinguished the blaze which was believed to have started accidentally.

Lydia, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, was rushed to Whiston Hospital in Prescot, Merseyside, where she remains in critical care.

A male was also taken to hospital with smoke inhalation and his condition remains unknown.

The blaze broke out at the Lady Heyes Caravan and Camping Site in Frodsham, Cheshire, on Saturday.

A message on Lydia’s behalf was posted by family on her Facebook page.

It read: “Just to let you all know Lydia is currently be nursed in Critical Care at Whiston Hospital following being trapped in a fire in a Glamping Pod.

“She can’t speak as she has a ventilation pipe which blocks her voice box, however she has written to ask if we’d write a message to her friends and family thanking them for their kind wishes at such a difficult time.

“She has 7% burns to her right arm and severe damage to her respiratory system but is making positive progress which is what we are trying to focus on.

“The nursing team here are outstanding and we cannot praise them enough for their efforts since she’s been admitted.

“Thanks again for all your well wishes, both ourselves and Lydia really appreciate them. Love Lydia and family xXx