Cheeky X-Factor Viewers Totally Distracted By Dermot O’Leary’s X-Rated BULGE

Dermot O’Leary ‘s trouser bulge had X Factor viewers very distracted on Sunday night’s bootcamp.1dermIn the opening VT the loveable presenter had on a fitted grey t-shirt and beige trousers but it didn’t take long before people began to wonder what the presenter “was hiding”. It sent Twitter into a bit of a meltdown as one person wrote: “What’s Dermot got in his pants???”

While other rude queries soon came flooding in: “What’s dermot hiding. Sausage and eggs. Well ain’t he got a fat one.” And another couldn’t help themselves: “Excuse me but Dermot O’Leary’s bulge in them white pants is cheering me right up.”

While others wondered just what Dermot had in his trousers, others pleaded for help, with one viewer tweeting: “Dermot and those tight cream pants sweet baby Jesus.”

The host had to come to the rescue of the hopefuls later in the show when they were confronted with the Wall of Songs and had no idea what half the tracks were. As they tackled the challenge of picking the right songs Dermot had to blast out excerpts from each to jog their memories.