Child-Smuggling Gang Dress As Waiters To Snatch British Children From Hotel

A gang of suspected child smugglers dressed up as waiters and tried to abduct three British children from a popular holiday resort.poolThe group were caught luring the youngsters – who are all believed to be under 10 and British – towards their car outside the busy Anastasia Beach Hotel on the Mediterranean isle of Cyprus.

Shocked holidaymakers described how they had seen a gang of around 10 men and women filming the children playing in the pool before the audacious kidnap attempt. Some of the men had even obtained waiters’ uniforms so that they could wander freely around the grounds without arousing suspicion.

Two of the gang were arrested on the spot and more than 60 British and Irish families have been removed from the resort amid fears the others may return looking for more victims.

Dad-of-two Greg Letford, who part of a wedding party, said staff at the hotel believe the gang may have been Romanian child-smugglers. He said: “This Romanian couple were leading the two young children towards a waiting car, another person had a third child up against a wall ready to go, too. Someone spotted what they were up to and stopped them. If he hadn’t been there those kids would have gone.”