Coronation Street Spoiler: Sharif And Sonia’s Affair Is Discovered By…

The cat is out of the bag.rumbleIt looks like Sharif Nazir’s affair with Sonia Rahman is about to be rumbled when his granddaughter Alya becomes suspicious and starts asking awkward questions in upcoming scenes on Coronation Street.

Sharif (Marc Anwar) is wracked with guilt over his dalliance with his houseguest whose constant flirting has him on edge. Coupled with her clear jealousy every time she sees Sharif and Yasmeen together, it doesn’t take long for Alya (Sair Khan) to notice that something is up.

When Sharif and Sonia later find themselves alone in the house together, he is unable to resist her charms and they sleep together again and when Alya walks in, she clocks their intimacy. Alya warns Sonia that she has outstayed her welcome.

But Sonia has other plans and instead suggests to Nazir he should buy one of Pat Phelan’s flats for her. Alya realises that he is trying to buy Sonia’s silence in getting the flat, but will she go along with it?