Corrie Spoilers: Eva Price Set For Tragic Death Plunge In Wedding Disaster?

Eva Price’s wedding day could be set to have a tragic ending Dramatic scenes feature the soaking wet bride standing on a high-up window ledge, poised to take a fall which could result in her death in Coronation Street.

Eva’s big day has crumbled in a much different way from what she was planning; she decided to make a go of things with Aidan Connor after his affair confession, but Maria gatecrashed and revealed that she had been lying about her pregnancy.  A fight broke out between the two women in the fountains outside the venue but after the bust-up, Eva’s attentions turned from her rage towards Maria,to winning back her groom.

Aidan was all set to walk out, but Eva made a grand but foolish gesture to prove her devotion to him, standing on the window ledge of the grand estate, above a deadly drop. But as the window closed on her and she started to stumble, it looked like a fatal turn of events would unfold – will the wedding end in the worst possible way?