Dad-Of-Three Killed When His Car “Explodes” As He Drives To Custody Hearing

A dad-of-three died after dousing himself in petrol and setting it alight while driving to a custody hearing.zcarFoyzal Islam died instantly when his Mercedes exploded on the M11 near Cambridge, an inquest heard. The 43-year-old’s car was seen swerving from side to side before coming to a stop and blowing up.

Driver Jill Threlfall, who witnessed the incident, told the inquest that Mr Islam appeared to be fiddling with something in the footwell or on the passenger seat. She said: ‘All of a sudden I saw the old silver Mercedes blow up. I would say the explosion was from the rear of the vehicle and came from behind the driver’s seat because I saw a silhouette of the driver.’

The inquest heard that, minutes before the incident, Mr Islam was seen on CCTV filling his car and a can with petrol, before continuing his journey to the Royal Courts of Justice in London on January 13. Firefighters said the blaze was so intense it needed four times the usual amount of water to extinguish it.

Melted remains of two petrol containers were found in his car along with a cigarette lighter, and traces of petrol were found on his clothes. Coroner David Morris recorded that Mr Islam took his own life while suffering from depression.