Dad Tries To Kill His Toddler Son By Deliberately Crashing Car At 75mph – No Seatbelt

A two-year-old is forced to lie in a hospital bed in a half-body cast after surviving an horrific car crash.sonHis father is now charged with attempted murder as well as child abuse after admitting he “was trying to kill” little Isaiah. The young boy is now hardly able to move as his lower body is fixed by the cast and his head remains in a brace.

His dad, Nathan Weitzel told cops “the reason he wanted to kill Isaiah was because being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child”.

He admits putting the boy in his car seat and intentionally leaving him unbuckled before driving into several cars at 75mph. A court statement reads: “While he was at the park letting Isaiah play he sat in the park and thought of a way to kill his son. Nathan said he left the park [and] he drove around looking for a good place to crash the car and kill his son.”

Sam Schulte who witnessed the crash in Arapahoe Count in Colorado in the USA, told 9 News : “I pulled the window off, and I pulled the door open, my neighbour got him out of the car and put him on the ground. ┬áMr Weitzel is in jail charged with attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, assault, criminal mischief, possession of a controlled substance and vehicular assault.