Dad’s Heartbreak As 5-Year-Old Son Dies In His Arms – Hit By Van After He Let Go Of Hand

A dad cradled his dying son after a van ploughed into the boy of five on the pavement.1vanDistraught Andrew Murray his agony over the death of his beloved son, who was mowed down by a van seconds after the doting dad let go of his hand. He revealed he is haunted by regret after Lennon perished on the pavement in front of him as the playful youngster ran ahead on their walk home from school.

Andrew said last night: “I keep thinking of if I never let him go — I can’t get the images out of my head. I turned round and the van was right on him — I pulled him out from underneath and cuddled him — he was covered in blood.

“I don’t know CPR, so all I could do was hold him. There was no response — I knew he was gone.” The tormented father added: “I’d just let him go to pick up some stones — it’s what he liked to do.”2vanMedics battled in vain to save Lennon at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital after tragedy struck at about 3.15pm on Monday, but he could not be saved. Police are appealing for witnesses.