Danny Dyer In Mark Wright Have FIGHT At Charity Footie Match For Terminally-Ill Children

Danny Dyer has reignited his feud with former reality TV star Mark Wright.1dyer7Dyer, 39, has claimed that he was embroiled in a fight with Wright, 29, at a charity football match for terminally ill children. Dyer branded Wright a “disgrace” and claimed that Wright went over to “hide” behind his father after the alleged fight.

The allegations were made during a Twitter feud between Dyer and Wright’s brother Joshua. In a dig at Mark’s DJing and yoghurt adverts, Dyer tweeted: “My worst nightmare would be listening to Heart FM while eating an Oykos yoghurt. It would be like p****** razorblades.”

Joshua defended his brother – who is married to Michelle Keegan – and referred to Dyer by the nick name ‘Malcolm’. He replied: “Malcolm you must still be hurting from when Mark gave you a slap in the changing room that day. Get over it you melt @MrDDyer.”

Dyer retaliated and posted: “At a charity football match 4 Terminally ill children then run behind his dad. What a geezer. My bird hits harder.” The EastEnders actor branded Mark a “disgrace” and alleged there were “kids waiting outside with months to live”.