“Dead Cat” Taken To Animal Shelter Was Actually A Dirty Hand Puppet

Not since an elderly woman tried to nurse a teabag back to health believing it to be a hamster has such a ridiculous case of mistaken animal identity taken place.deadcatIn this instance it was a cat rather than a hamster that some caring soul that they were taking to the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for identification.

It was quickly determined that it was, in fact, a cuddly puppet. And not even a cuddly cat puppet at that, but a cuddly dog puppet.

Manager Steve Byrne said: ‘When a member of public arrives with what is said to be a dead cat your heart sinks as it is never an easy moment when we aren’t able to help an animal.

‘There are many rescues and calls that the GSPCA are involved with every week and sometimes they aren’t what we expect and this has certainly turned out to be one of the most unusual we have ever seen.’