Death And Tragedy: 5 Huge Summer Spoilers For Emmerdale

Emmerdale are about to pull out all of the stops for a sensational summer of shocks, shenanigans and carnage.summerAs Lawrence heads on a downward spiral in the wake of the truth about Ronnie coming out, he pushes his family away – and Lachlan heads for the edge. As he points a shotgun at his grandad, things get out of hand – and the youngster has blood on his hands. Will Lawrence survive?

Heartbroken Chrissie’s life is turned upside down once more when Lachlan shoots Lawrence. But as she tries to protect her son, will she end up framing Andy for the crime as she sets out to destroy his life?  Charity will get her claws back into Cain this summer – is it the end for his marriage with Moira?  Marlon and Carly enjoy a night of passion, but is their romance doomed? And, in the wake of the fire at Mill Cottage, Nicola is left facing a daunting future after she loses the feeling down one side of her body.

Paddy is set to return to the village in August and he will be shocked to discover that his wife Rhona is now shacked up with Pierce, the widower of his dead mistress! Expect fireworks from this and tragedy for Ashley as he deteriorates over the coming months.  The soap is also planning some spectacular and high octane sequences that will put your favourite characters at serious risk…