Don’t Worry About The Rain – Hottest Autumn For 67 Years Is On The Way!

The UK is set to experience the hottest Autumn in 67 years.weatherBut before that a surge of mild air will boost temperatures up to 8 degrees above average this week. Temperatures are gearing up to hit 22°C mid-week, with London expected to experience peak temperatures of over 30.2°C.

The Indian Summer is thanks to ex-Hurricane Gaston pushing towards Iceland, allowing the UK to escape the effects of the storm and experience the hottest Autumn since 1949. As temperatures rise, the south of England and the Midlands will have the most sunshine.

Met Office forecaster Luke Miall said: “Temperatures look above average through the week, with warm tropical air being pulled to the UK from ex-Tropical Storm Gaston, which will pass north-west of the UK on Monday.

“Highs will rise from 22°C on Monday. Wednesday to Friday could see 27°C with a chance of 28°C. London and the South-East look warmest.”