Driver In 125mph Police Chase With Newborn Baby & 5-Year-Old Girl In Car

A driver has been detained for six months after he went at speeds of up to 125mph with two young children in his car.1badmanKieran Hayward was trying to escape police with his nine-week-old daughter, his five-year-old niece and his girlfriend in the car. He had been stopped earlier for having a wrongly configured number plate but when police spotted him driving again he gave chase.

Hayward, 21, was eventually caught at a roundabout in Gloucester when traffic came to a standstill. He admitted dangerous driving and having no insurance. He’s also been banned from driving for two years and three months.

Judge Michael Cullum said there had to be a custodial sentence for such a bad case of dangerous driving although it pained him to have to impose it in front of Hayward’s family.

But he added: ‘This could easily have had a tragic outcome for you, your baby, your neice, your partner and anyone in your way. The most shocking element was the presence of those for whom you presumably care – your partner and even more so the infant in the back.’