EastEnders Fans Spot MAJOR Flaw In Ben Mitchell Kidnap Plot

Fans of BBC soap EastEnders noticed an embarrassing blunder during Tuesday night’s episode when kidnapped Ben Mitchell came up against his captors.bencokIn the scene Ben – played by Harry Reid – can be seen sitting on the ground holding his arm after being roughed up by the thugs who were also responsible for his boyfriend Paul Coker’s death.  He is told by the ringleader: “It doesn’t have to be like this. You and your mate could just walk away…”

To which Ben replied: “So long as I suddenly go deaf, blind and stupid so far as you lot are concerned?” However long-time viewers were quick to point out that Ben is ALREADY deaf making the line meaningless. The character was left partially deaf in one ear after contracting meningitis as a baby and can frequently be seen wearing a hearing aid.

Taking to social media to voice their confusion, one wrote: “”So long’s I suddenly go blind, deaf, and mute, right?” Ben mate, you’re supposed to be deaf already. #EastEnders”. Another agreed: “Ben, your already deaf and you’re wearing specs, only the dumb bit to go #EastEnders (sic)”.

“Erm, isn’t Ben already deaf? #EastEnders,” added a third. As a fourth questioned: “Is Ben Mitchell still deaf or nah? #EastEnders”.