EastEnders Legend Tipped For Bombshell Ending With Possible Shock Death Planned

An EastEnders legend might be leaving the soap – well, according to viewers.1dotIn tonight’s episode Dot Cotton had a run in with Kim Fox-Hubbard, into whom she recently crashed her car. Kim was furious that Dot refused to believe that it was her fault, ranting: “You call yourself a woman of God? Do me a favour!”

Earlier on in the show Honey Mitchell had revealed that Dot tried to give her a £10 note thinking it was £20. These worrying signs were made even worse at the end of the show when Dot was seen looking sad and lonely when she was home alone.

The sad scenes have lead some fans to believe that Dot could be leaving the show after nearly 30 years. “Is Dot on her last legs or something?” one tweeted. “This storyline with Dot is breaking my heart,” another posted. “Why do I feel after each episode of EastEnders they’re closer to killing Dot off?” a third wrote.

Dot joined the show in 1985 and his become a soap icon for her explosive plots, chain smoking and compulsive gossiping. She recently got the sack from the laundrette, where she has worked since the show begun.