EastEnders Spoilers: Wedding Pictures Revealed That Show Tragedy Is About To Strike

Lee Carter and Whitney Dean are getting married in EastEnders and the pictures have been released. After the cheating, the STI, the baby, the tragic loss of their unborn baby, fans of the pair might have worried the couple would never get their happy ending, and they were probably right to.1wedding2The BBC soap has released spoiler pictures of the pair’s wedding day with the pair in all their finery but behind the smiles, a secret threatens to upend the couple. As they pose in their wedding outfits, Whitney’s over the top, fur-lined fishtail gown and Lee’s grey suit, their faces tell the truth as a secret of Lee’s threatens to blow the couple up.

Viewers know how Lee has already drunkenly cheated on Whitney with Abi Branning, but with his anxiety about his new job leading him to dark places, what else could he be hiding? The secret, whatever it is, will spell bad news for the couple.

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard, who will soon be leaving the show, admitted the secret will cause havoc with their relationship: “He’s making a lot of massive decisions without really taking the consequences into consideration.” Other pictures show Johnny Carter furiously confronting his brother over the secret when he stumbles upon it.1wedding1A source told The Daily Star: “Lee doesn’t cope very well when things go wrong. But instead of talking things through with Whitney, he goes behind her back to try to sort it out. It’s not the best way to start a marriage and Johnny pleads with him to come clean.” The pictures also confirm the return of Whitney’s brother Ryan Malloy who surprises her on her wedding day.