Electrical Fire At Hospital Kills 11 Premature Babies

A fire at a hospital in the Iraqi capital has killed 11 babies, officials have said.1firThe blaze started overnight inside the maternity wing of the Yarmouk hospital, situated in western Baghdad. Seven other children and 29 women were rescued from the blaze, according to reports, which also suggested the babies killed were born prematurely.

Three other newborns survived and were treated for smoke inhalation. The blaze was extinguished by firefighters and those brought out to safety transferred to other hospitals.

Ahmed al-Roudaini, a spokesman for the country’s health ministry, said initial findings of an investigation into the cause of the fire suggested an electrical short circuit was to blame.

Electrical fires are common in the city – and elsewhere across the country – because of poor maintenance and wiring. A lack of fire escapes in buildings also reportedly contributes to the dangers of a blaze.