EURO 16: England Fan Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Being “Hunted” And Attacked By Russian Hooligans

An England fan has had a cardiac arrest after being chased and beaten by a vicious mob of Russian fans in Marseille, according to reports.cardiacParamedics battled to stabilise the man before he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, eyewitnesses said. French media said the fan was English and described him as “between life and death”.

The medical drama unfolded amid shocking scenes of violence in Marseille as England and Russian fans fought running battles in the streets.

A gang of 20 or so Russian fans all clad in black have been hunting the English in horrifying scenes – with one man filmed being punched and kicked on the ground as French police watched. ┬áCops in full riot gear with dogs and batons have moved in force against rival fans in the Old Port area of the city and are using tear gas to break up the fighting.