Euro 2016: England & Wales Fans Join Forces As Russian Thugs Launch New Attacks

Violence flared in Lille tonight as Russian ultras attacked English and Welsh football fans ahead of their Euro 2016 clash.fracasFootage posted on social media shows England and Wales fans apparently teaming up and chanting: ‘F*** off Russia, we’re England and Wales’.

Russia are set to play Slovakia in Lille tomorrow while England play Wales in nearby Lens on Thursday – with three-day booze bans now set to be enforced in each city. A group of around four or five thugs wearing ‘Orel Butchers’ T-shirts tried to storm a bar where British supporters were drinking.

Eyewitnesses said the men said “We are Russians” before challenging fans outside the Taverne Flamande. They accused French police of standing by as the thugs put gum shields in and donned masks before attacking the supporters.  Wales and England followers retaliated by throwing chairs at the men – who were allowed to leave without being arrested.

England fan Mark Crowe, 25, said: “Everyone was standing outside the bar having a good time, English and Welsh together. Then these guys walked up and started on us. They were Russian and wearing masks. The police did nothing. Admittedly the English threw a couple of chairs back at them, but if you are attacked you have to defend yourself.”