Fifteen “Terror Attacks” On Euro 2016 Foiled

Several planned terror attacks during the Euro 2016 tournament in France have been thwarted, according to a Ukrainian security chief.zmanThe head of the state’s security services said a Frenchman was detained in the country after making contact with illegal armed groups to buy guns and explosives.

It is claimed that he intended to target Muslim and Jewish places of worship in France, plus administrative buildings and infrastructure such as bridges and railways. Vasily Gritsak said the unnamed man was arrested in late May on the border with Poland, carrying 125kg of TNT.

The suspect had been tailed since December, Mr Gritsak said, and was seen buying five machine guns, two rocket-propelled grenades, and other weapons. He also had 100 detonators and 20 balaclavas.

Last week the US State Department issued a “potential terrorist attacks” warning for Americans planning to travel to Europe.