Fireman Sam Episode Removed From Scheule After Quran Row

An episode of Fireman Sam in which one character appears to tread on a page from the Quran has been withdrawn.firemansamA scene in the children’s programme shows a fireman slipping on a pile of papers – and as they fly into the air a page from the Quran is “briefly depicted”, production firm Mattel said.

The episode was first broadcast in October 2014 on Channel 5 but the “error” has only recently been spotted. Mattel apologised and said it did not believe it was done “maliciously”.

Channel 5, which broadcasts Fireman Sam, has removed the episode from its streaming website.

Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, tweeted: “I have no idea what went through the producers’s minds when they thought this was a good idea #baffled”. He also said he had identified the page from the Quran as “Surah Mulk (67), verses 13-26”.