Four-Month-Old Baby Left With Blistered, Swollen Face From Sunburn On Seaside Trip

The mother of a four-month-old baby who suffered severe sunburn and was left with blisters across his face after a day at the seaside has warned other mums about the dangers of the UK’s sunshine.babysunAlex Dodds, 20, from County Down in Northern Ireland, was left distraught when a family day out with her baby, Jacob, ended in panic. She noticed that despite applying sun cream to his face when they first set off for the day out, Jacob had severe sunburn and blisters the next day.  And as Britain this week enjoys some of the hottest weather of the year, Alex is sharing Jacob’s story as a warning to other mums about how strong the sun can be.

Alex said: “I didn’t notice that his little face was all swollen and his eyes were a little sunk until the next day. I just wanted to sit and cry, I felt so horrible, and he didn’t moan at all which made me feel even worse.

“It was a cloudy day last month when I decided to go to the seaside in Belfast, it was hot but I had already smothered him in sun cream already … I didn’t reapply the sunburn after the recommended one or two hours and the water must have reflected onto his face, I feel so bad about it.

“The next day I noticed two huge blisters appear on his face, I immediately panicked and called the doctors.” Alex took Jacob straight to see her GP, and was given a selection of creams to help ease the burns.  “I thought of not even applying sun cream at all before we left the house, I’m still in shock at the seriousness of my poor baby’s face.  I urge mothers to plaster their children in sun cream regardless of whether the sun is out or not.”