Gogglebox Stars Investigated For “ISIS Training” Facebook Statement

Three members of Googlebox’s Siddiqui family were investigated by the police after they posted a picture of themselves dressed in camouflage fatigues on Facebook with the caption ‘ISIS training day’.1goggleThe post, which has since been removed, was put up by Raza Siddiqui. It featured him and his two brothers Baasit and Umar at a paint balling range with the ‘joke’ caption.

But one of the brothers’ friends did not find the image funny and reported it to the police who launched an investigation.

The unnamed friend explained to the Sun newspaper why he alerted the police. He said: “When you are in the media, you have a responsibility. His friends were liking and loving it. You don’t know if any of those people are genuinely ISIS supporters.”

Derbyshire police confirmed that they looked into the social media posting but were “satisfied” that “there was no link to terrorism whatsoever” and added: “We will be offering suitable words of advice to those who uploaded it; however, no offences have been committed and there will be no further police action.”