Google Manager’s Body Found Stripped And Burned In Woods Near Her Mum’s Home

A Google account manager has been found dead in ‘horrific’ circumstances after vanishing while jogging in woodland near her mum’s home.1googlThe body of Vanessa Marcotte was reportedly discovered naked and burned in a wooded area of Massachusetts, US, on Sunday night. Detectives are now investigating the possibility that the 27-year-old was sexually assaulted before being set on fire and killed at the site.

Vanessa, who lived in New York City, was reported missing by her concerned family after going for a jog on Sunday afternoon. ┬áHer body was found around seven hours later, in woodland off Brooks Station Road. Shockingly, it was discovered in a ‘naked and burned’ state.

A state police source told News Center 5 that Vanessa had burns on her hands, feet and part of her head. The cause of Vanessa’s ‘murder’ and whether she was assaulted are yet to be confirmed. Police are now searching for a suspect or suspects, with officers continuing to scour the woodland where the young woman’s body was found two days ago.