Heartbreak For Abbie Clancy – Fans Rush To Comfort Her After She Gets Sad News

Abbey Clancy has shared some heartbreaking news.2clancyThe model took to Twitter last night to urge her followers to be on the look out for her little pup Scamp, who had managed to escape from her home. In a desperate post she wrote: “People of Liverpool please help find my dog went missing from menlove avenue tonight he’s very nervous called scamp.” Someone managed to get in contact with Abbey, and she rushed to Twitter to thank her followers.

However just a short while later, the blonde star broke the news that Scamp had been put down by the time she made it to the vets. She revealed that the dog had been involved in a hit and run, and a woman had managed to find him and take him to the nearest veterinary surgery in a bid to save its life.

According to Abbey, poor Scamp’s injuries were too severe and the vets were forced to end his suffering. She said: “Heartbroken to tell everyone my little scamp passed away the vet had already put him down when we arrived to collect him due to injuries. He was hit by a car and the driver drove off a girl found him and took him to the vet we are literally broken.”

Fans rushed to share their condolences with the star, with one saying: “This is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve read. I was made up that you’d found him and now this. Just horrific I’m so sorry!”