Heartbreak Of Elderly Couple’s Suicide Pact In Order To Avoid Care Home

A retired Royal Navy Commander and his devoted wife carried out a suicide pact because they didn’t want to go into care.Old people holding hands 2David Brittain and wife Bridget, 86 and 84, took their own lives five years after becoming members of a suicide group called Exit. The couple, who had spent 65 years together, did not want to to lose their independence by being admitted to an old people’s home.

An inquest heard Bridget – known as Biddy – used a ‘suicide bag’ to end her life before husband David did the same. Their daughters Susan Keeling, 57, and Judith Thompson, 59, gave a joint statement to the inquest. They said: ”Our parents were proud people, married over 60 years, and they depended and relied on each other.

“Father hated it if mother went away for a night. They wanted to be together. They did not want to be apart, not live without each other.” Commenting on the successful suicide pact, they added: “We did not want them to do it.  They had done what they said they would do. It was a massive shock. There is some consolation they are still together.”

Their cleaner found them dead at their home in Yelverton, Devon, last November. The coroner said they had put out ‘cushions to make themselves comfortable’. On a dining room table police found documents about Exit, handwritten notes to their children and instructions on how to commit suicide.