Heavily Pregnant Mum & Daughter, Six, Held At Knifepoint By Robbers

1houseA heavily pregnant woman and her six-year-old daughter have been held at knifepoint by robbers.

The 36-year-old woman was at home in Oldham with her four children at about 7.15pm on Friday when they heard a knock at the door. The woman’s eight-year-old son opened the door and two men stormed into the house, dragging the six-year-old girl upstairs where they held a knife to her throat.

One of the men pointed the blade at the woman’s stomach while the second searched the home. The robbers, who stole a new iPhone 5s, then ran out of the house and across the road down an alleyway.

Detective Inspector Kenny Blain said: “This was an atrocious attack on an innocent family in their own home. The mum is due to give birth any day and the stress this would have caused her could have potentially threatened the life of her unborn child. How anyone could hold a knife to the throat of a six-year-old is beyond comprehension.”