Hollywood Actress Missing Since Christmas Day Found Dead – “Murder-Carjacking”

1tricHollywood actress Tricia Lynn McCauley has been found dead in her car in a suspected murder-carjacking. The 46-year-old actress had been missing since Christmas Day, and her worried family had alerted police.

Her body was found in her car today, and a man who was seen driving her Toyota around Washington DC has been arrested. According to TMZ, Tricia – who was in Step Up and The Paper Girl – had not turned up for Christmas dinner and was due to take a flight out of DC on Boxing Day, which she also missed.

The murder has some signs of a carjacking, but police have yet to confirm it, the website claimed. The man arrested allegedly robbed a drug store and attacked employees before Tricia went missing, it also reported, and he is now in custody. It’s thought he and Tricia were not known to each other.